Top Fashion Trend 2021: Korean Spring Summer Dresses

The top fashion trend for 2021 is a bohemian one: a touch of etheric, a pinch of dreamy, a slice of vintage, and a lot of versatility. This defines best the Korean style that imposes more and more into the global fashion.

Korea, top fashion trend country

Korea seems to become one of the greatest world fashion capitals and its style is capturing the attention of all the fashionistas in the world. Not only the economic part seems to be developing, but also the creativity and design. Its unique style, its attention to detail separates it from the other parts of the world.

What is the top fashion trend clothing?

The most appreciated pieces of clothing are the dresses. They come in elegant and chic lines and shapes, in dreamy patterns and accessorized with collars and little spurs of femininity. They are easy to layer, they can be worn in any season, just by mixing with boots or sandals, blazer, jacket, or coat. Depending on the mood, the weather, the style you want to have!

In the top preferences, there are the midi dresses with long sleeves that can be worn with high boots and a cardigan. Cardigans are dresses’ best friends! Of course, sandals, sneakers and all other shoes go perfectly with this type of dresses. Just search for the magic little handbag and the entire look is yours to keep!

Flowers, part of a fashion trend curriculum

And let’s not forget the flowers! Flowers are the best way to accompany these dresses!

butter cream neck bow midi dress fashion trend
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