The Sportswear hottest trend right now: the tracksuit

Sportswear is the hottest trend right now: the tracksuit. But within this style, the tracksuits are taking over the wardrobes the most. Whether it’s the yoga pants, the sweatpants, or the sports suit, the tracksuit is definitely a comeback in different shapes and styles. It got sportier but also it got more versatile and stylish. I mean, you can wear tracksuits with stilettos, now, and everyone would say how stylish you are! Still, we may have some reserves!

The hooded sweatshirt with joggings, the favorite combo of the moment! Preferably gray or beige! But different other colors come in trend now!

Twisted with a blazer, accessorized with jewellery or gadgets, the tracksuit can be worn for your workout or in the city. It is the most seen street style nowadays! A long coat for the cold season and sneakers or boots (most seen the combat boots)!

Tracksuits: casual or luxe?

It’s up to you how you wear your tracksuit or what style you want to give to your entire outfit!

Tracksuit and blazer: chic, versatile, cool! Definitely a look to inspire others as audacious!

Tracksuit with a long coat and combat boots, a style that imposes itself more as a masculine force into a feminine world, a story about affirming oneself within a rigid society, a pattern to transgress a world of transition.

The classical tracksuit worn simple, with no accessory outlines the idea of cool and loose, of getting comfier and comfier and accepted as you are. The need of being out of the box and still within the vibe!

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